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Kingsize Slims - Fine Papers For Kingsize Rolls |

Kingsize slims are the ‘king’ of the rolling paper world, these long papers are amazing for smoking connoisseurs. These surprisingly light and smooth papers give the user a slower and improved burn. Approximately around 110mm in length, the kingsize slims allow you to smoke more and for longer than the normal type of papers. Big brands like Raw, Rizla and OCB all have released their high quality versions of the Kingsize Slims that are available in store.

Rolling papers are among the most widespread and important parts of  the herb scene, can a herb fiend with no papers really claim to be a true stoner at all? There aren’t too many herb enthusiasts who haven’t had at least a passing experience with a rolled joint. Also for a vast number of people you’ll probably find that they had their formative herb experience with a rolled joint. There is a unique sense pride in the craftmanship of rolling joints, hundreds of people seem to have hundreds of different, unique methods of rolling. These techniques are often seriously defended and fierce debates are waged over what is the best way. We do our best to be a non-partisan organisation when it comes to rolling, and we strive to provide the papers that suit all manner of rolling techniques; including kingsize slim rolling papers that let you roll long, while still enjoying a smooth, even burn.


A wide range of quality paper brands provide Kingsize slim papers, from Spanish paper giants RAW to industry classic Rizla. Kingsize slim papers are ideal for those who like to roll long, even burning joints! A decent, high quality rolling paper is essential when you’re hand rolling, you don’t want to have to contend with fragile paper that  easily tears and non-sticky gum! We stock a gigantic range of superb kingsize slim papers from legendary manufacturers including: RAW, the spanish paper kings renown across the world for the quality of their papers. Glam, who supply 100% organic papers. For those of you who prefer a flavorful roll there’s these fantastic bubblegum flavoured rolling papers.

King size slim rolling papers come can come in hemp paper for the smoker who prefers a more natural taste and a slower burning joint. Hemp joints aren’t treated with bleach or any other industrial chemicals during manufacturing. Hemp-based rolling papers are a great choice for more selective herb fan. We stock a massive range of Kingsize slim rolling papers in hemp including: Skunk Kingsize Slim Papers, made from 100% organic hemp. Natura Kingsized slim papers are high quality skins from Rizla.

Hemp is a plant closely related to the herb we all know and adore. It has a much smaller concentration of THC  present in it when compared to. This is mainly down to government regulations that require the levels of active ingredients be restricted heavily by growers, but much industrial hemp is barely psychoactive anyway.

Hemp paper isn’t exactly a new innovation, it’s been around for nearly as long as human agriculture. Hemp paper has been discovered preserved in Chinese archaeological sites dating back millennia . As long ago as the period known as the Han Dynasty, dated around 147 bc. Hemp has been the material of choice for the paper industry for a long time, right up until the early 20th century at least when it became heavily restricted by regulation. Hemp is quickly coming back to its former popularity and has become a massively popular material in the rolling paper industry once more.

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