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Jay & Silent Bob

These days Kevin Smith is a well-known podcast host and jorts-aficionado ( ‘Jorts’ being a portmanteau of ‘jeans’ and ‘shorts’). But back in the day he was better known as your tasteless friend’s favorite directors. One of his most famous creations was the duo of Jay and Silent Bob, who made their silver screen debut in the stoner art house classic ‘Clerks’. The duo has since become stoner icons, mainly because they both liked getting high, which was enough to impress stoners in the 90s (a low bar, to become a gay icon, on the other hand, you had to have a lot of sequins and a choreographed stage show). 

Regardless of how they rose to prominence, Jay and Silent Bob have become permanent icons of the dry herb scene. So, it should surprise no one that a line of water pipes and other accessories bear their name. Of course, as is befitting such icons, these pieces have an impressive level of quality.
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