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Stylish And Handy Cigarette Cases |

One of our more classic smoking accessories, cigarette cases are perfect for the smoker who wants to get the best receptacle to keep their pre rolled  smokes intact. They provide more protection than your any packet or pouch, so you needn’t worry about unnecessary damage to your meticulously rolled smokes. If you’re looking for a sturdy and compact solution for your cigarettes then look no further. Our range of tins and boxes come in all shapes and sizes with a huge variety of patterns colours and designs.
Cigarette cases, sometimes called tins, are typically a flat box, often made of metal, wood, or plastic. They are designed to open symmetrically into two halves, each storing a row of pre rolled cigarettes; often held in place by a spring or elastic strap.

 Cigarette cases are more of a fashionable affectation than a necessity in smoking culture so they generally come in a wide range of attractive finishes and materials. From burnished metal to varnished wood cigarette cases are slick pieces of design. Because of this aesthetic element may cigarette cases are seen as a collectable item and are hotly contested over by collectors worldwide.

Cigarette cases are traditionally popular with soldiers and there are hundreds of stories (possibly tall tales) of soldiers whose lives were saved when a bullet ricocheted off of their cigarette cases.
DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend that you rely on a cigarette case as ballistic protection. Modern rifle rounds will generally penetrate them and ruin your day.

In pop culture the cigarette case has become visual shorthand for a suave spy. James Bond is often equipped with a cigarette case that conceals all manner of spy gadgets and Scaramanga’s eponymous golden gun was disguised as a lighter, cigarette case, and fountain pen. For those who prefer more modern media the Spy from Valve’s popular online shooter Team Fortress 2 concealed his cloaking device and disguise kit inside of his case. Along with several cigarettes to chain smoke of course!

In real life the Russian TKB-506 pistol was designed to look like a cigarette tin. Allegedly designed for the KGB it had an incredibly short barrel and was intended for use at extremely close ranges.
DISCLAIMER: We do not sell cigarette case guns. Or any other type of gun. That’s not our jam.

Our Ryot cigarette boxes are made out of a variety attractive woods. They use magnetic clasps to ensure that your rollies will remain safe and secure; while also ensuring that you can get to them with ease. The so called ‘Taster’ cigarette box is guaranteed to keep your tobacco and dry herb blends dry and fresh, and is compact and easy to store in your pocket when you’re out and about. This stylish piece comes in walnut, bamboo, black, maple, rosewood.

How do you know if you need a cigarette case? Well if you like to have a selection of pre rolled joints on hand at all times then the protection of a case will suit you down to the ground. If you like to have that little bit of extra style when you smoke then you were born to have your own case. They have a classic style to them that supersedes their already prodigious utility. Be sure to keep your case in a backpack, satchel, handbag or jacket pocket. No matter how stylish you are, the effect will be ruined by the unseemly bulge should you stuff it into your trouser pocket! Do yourself and your case justice, treat it with the respect it deserves! 

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