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Baggies - Smell Proof Storage Bags |

A huge selection of disposable baggies for storing small, delicate items. The Smelly Proof Baggies will hide any smells and offer the ideal storage solution for fishing bait, cigars, old nappies and food and herbs. Smelly Proof baggies are made from puncture and tear resistant plastic, meaning they can be re-used over and over again. The more traditional designed baggies come with a variety of designs on the front, so that you can pick the item that best suits your needs or preferences.

Baggies are a classic and time tasted method of transporting a good amount of herb without taking up too much space. With a Smelly Proof Baggy, just fill it up and slide it into your bag and you're ready to go. The Smelly Proof Baggies are also a deep black, meaning no one will be able to see your herbs as you move them. Baggies are a quick and convenient alternative to stash jars that save on space and effort.

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