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Ladies Grinder Watch | Weed Star

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Product Description


The man behind Weed Star, Ziggi Jackson has come up with a truly original design integrating a grinder into a clock creating this multifunctional Weed Star watch. These stylish and functional accessories have silicon straps and come in a variety of different colours. The watch has two parts, the top that is removable and doubles up from a watch into a grinder and the base part of the grinder.

The hands glow in the dark and there is the WS logo decorated at top centre of the dial. Get these sleek and stylish accessories to provide multiple needs! Available in a variety of colours


- To replace the battery, simply unscrew the small screws on the side of the grinder and replace with button battery

- Set the time by pulling out the smaller of the two buttons and turning to set the time

- To open the grinder, unscrew the large button and twist the dial to release

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 40mm
Weight Info 110g
Brand Weed Star
Material Aluminium, Metal
Power Batteries
Teeth Shark
Colour Black, Pink
Diameter 36mm
Parts 2-Part
Type Magnetic, Novelty