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Glass Machine Blue Line Bong | Weed Star

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Weed Star Glass - Machine Blue Line Bong

This beautiful glass bong from Weed Star stands a monstrous 54cm in height atop the thick, round base.

The Machine is one of the larger of Weed Star's new Blue Line range of bongs which features superb quality glass waterpipes in a variety of classic styles.  This piece is equipped with two joints - the first is a standard 18.8mm bi-stable joint which is equipped with a regular downstem and bowl slide.  The default position of the second joint is to be sealed off with the supplied glass stopper until ready for use by the adventurous smoker - add a nail and oil dome, a second bowl, or even a chillum or vaporizer attachment and hit from two different products at once!

The Machine Blue Line bong is made from 3.2mm thick borosilicate glass for heat resistance and durability.  The piece is equipped with a glass bowl slide, 18.8mm downstem and is available with or without ice notches.

Note - The Weed Star Machine Blue Line is available with or without ice notches - please see dropdown menu to select preference. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 12cm x 54cm
Weight Info 969g
Special Finish Coloured Sections
Diffuser Slitted
Brand Weed Star
Width 111mm
Material Glass
Logo Colour Blue
Colour Clear
Height 531mm
Special Features Carb Hole, Ice Notches
Mouthpiece Straight
Joint Female
Joint Size 18.8mm
Glass Thickness 3.2mm
Style Straight / Tube
Type Bongs