UniTi Carb Cap Threaded Dabber Anodized Ball Point | Highly Educated

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Product Description


The UniTi carb cap threaded dabber from Highly Educated is a concentrate dabber’s dream tool. With the Highly Educated Original Ball Point tip, say goodbye to messy wax and concentrate gaffes for good.

  • Anodized Carb Cap

  • OG Ball Point Tip

  • Threaded Attachment

  • Grade 2 Titanium

  • Available in Variety of Colors (See Dropdown for Availability)

Anodized Carb Cap

A special oxidized coat keeps this carb cap going stronger for longer.

Grade 2 Titanium Construction

The titanium quality of this carb cap ensure that you will heat up slowly and evenly with each dab.

Threaded Attachment

The threaded ball point attachment has threads so you can easily screw your carb cap off and on at your leisure.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions L: 3.5 Inch 88.9mm
Weight Info 6 grams
Brand Highly Educated
Length 81mm
Material GR.2 Titanium
Colour Blue, Gold, Purple