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Tall Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc | Zob Glass

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Product Description


A tall scientific glass beaker bong with diffuser downstem, advanced UFO percolator, integrated splashguard and ice notches. Hand-made in California from 5mm thick American borosilicate glass and features 18.8mm female ground joint with matching diffused stem and bowl slide.

  • American Borosilicate Glass

  • 5mm Glass Wall Thickness

  • Scientific UFO Perc

  • 18.8mm Female Ground Joint


For over 10 years Zob has created elite glass waterpipes from their Los Angeles HQ. Using Schott, Simax, Northstar and other US glass for their work, the talented lampworkers handcraft to stringent quality controls for a lifetime of smoking pleasure.  

UFO Percolator

Zob manufactures with detailed attention to percolation and filtration. They strive to innovate new scientific percs to be featured on these elite tubes. Zob’s Latin mantra – Instrumentum Percolatum – defines their commitment to perc excellence. This piece is equipped with a domed UFO perc which creates stacks of bubbles for a smooth, cool hit with reduced particulates and carcinogens. The diffused downstem does a similar job, giving you dual diffusion and a clean, milky toke.

Authentic Zob Styling

Zob Glass splurges when decorating their creations and very few manufacturers make tubes that are as instantly recognisable as a Zob piece. This beaker ice bong has colourful Zob decals and carries the Instrumentum Percolatum label for authenticity. A stunning and highly collectable bong.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight Info 1020g approx. 36oz
Diffuser Slitted
Brand Zob Glass
Length 350mm+
Width 111mm
Material Glass
Logo Colour Black, Blue, Yellow
Colour Black, Blue, Yellow
Height 401mm
Special Features Ice Notches, Splash Guard
Percolator UFO
Mouthpiece Straight
Joint Size 18.8mm
Glass Thickness 5mm
Style Beaker
Type Bongs