Tagua Ivory Nut Pipe Extended Mouthpiece

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100% Organic, hand crafted, one-of-a-kind Tagua Ivory Nut Pipe. Taste what you're smoking and nothing else. This pipe has the bowl worked into the top of the nut, and the mouthpiece has been fashioned out of the same nut but extended away from the main body for ease of smoking

Vegetable ivory nuts are produced from a lovely Amazonian palm Phytelephas equatorials meaning "elephant palm". When the nuts are collected they are already hard and ready to be worked. Tagua is less porous than animal ivory and provides a unique and exotic "one of a kind" hand carved pieces of art.

Because of their hand-crafted nature, their size and exact design can vary, ensuring you have a very unique and individual Tagua Ivory Nut Pipe.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 9cm Approx
Weight Info 70g Approx
Special Finish Carved
Brand Unbranded
Length 81mm
Material Tagua Nut
Logo Colour No logo
Colour Brown
Mouthpiece Pinched
Type Nut, One Hitter