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Swiss Disc Percolator Tube | PURR

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Product Description


This sturdy and stemless swiss disc percolator tube from Purr Glass is another shining example of their commitment to glass quality. At 25cms Tall, this glass piece comes equipped with a honeycomb swiss perc, removable bowl, and a multiple pinch main chamber.

  • Borosilicate Glass

  • Honeycomb Swiss Perc

  • Removable Slide Bowl

  • Female 14.5mm Joint Size

  • 6mm Glass Thickness

  • Choice of Dichro Copper or Slyme Green Accents

Swiss Percolator

Using the popular and highly effective honeycomb disc percolator, this glass bong supplies the user with a significantly cool, clean hit. Forcing the water through the individual holes, the perc helps increase the surface area interaction between the smoke and the water. This results in a large amount of diffusion which in turn helps cool down the hit and remove carcinogens.

Multiple Pinch Chamber

Purr Glass include multiple pinches in the main chamber of the glass bong. This unique design creates more surface area for the smoke to cool down on. These pinches also make holding the thick glass piece more user-friendly because of its comfortable grip.

Removable Bowl Slide

As the female 14.5mm bowl slide is removable, the user can easily insert their own vapour dome and nail. Converting this hand-held bubbler into dab rig for which you can use your chosen concentrates.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand PURR Glass
Width 71mm
Material Glass
Colour Clear
Height 251mm
Special Features Stemless
Percolator Honeycomb
Mouthpiece Flared
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Glass Thickness 6mm
Style Straight / Tube
Type Bongs