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Sublimator XLR 2.0 With Titanium E-Nail 

The Sublimator first came to our attention at the 2013 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam where it won a trophy for best new product.  We immediately stocked up the site with the original model and now Team Sublimator are back with a new, improved version:

The Sublimator is not, strictly speaking, a vaporizer - it produces a dense gas from organic compounds and concentrates.  Technically, the process is bimolecular gasification - a 3-part process that incorporates thermal injection, radiation and induction.  

When you inhale on the Sublimator, it creates vacuum pressure within the device.  When the pressure is combined with thermal energy from the heat source, the Sublimator produces a gas.  The gas molecules are much smaller than regular vapour particles, which makes the Sublimator much easier on the throat and lungs than a conventional vaporizer.  This process extracts ALL the essential oils, terpenes and active ingredients from your herbs or concentrate at once - no need to change temperatures, no need to stir and re-vape: the Sublimator gives you everything first time around, in a blast of smooth vapour.  In addition, the gas produced is so fine, it requires no further metabolisation once inhaled, making the Sublimator extremely fast acting.

Over time, the Sublimator will deposit 'sublimate', an oily deposit, which collects in the base of the unit.  This can actually be retrieved and put through the Sublimator again, giving you maximum vaping pleasure from your herbs.

This latest version of the Sublimator includes a titanium e-nail attachment, allowing you to use organic compounds and concentrates interchangeably and simultaneously.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 41cm x 11.5cm
Weight Info 2211g
Brand Sublimator
Material Glass
Power Mains
Compatibility Dry Herb, Oil, Shatter, Wax
Temperature Control Analogue
Heating Chamber Material Glass
Inhalation Method Hose / Whip
Vaporization Method Sublimation
Colour Clear
Display Analogue
Height 401mm
Extra Straight Through Air Path
Type Desktop / Tabletop