Steel Screen 7th Floor 5 packs | Silver Surfer

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Steel Screen - 7th Floor Silver Surfer - 5 packs

A selection of spare or replacement steel gauze screens designed for use with the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Vaporizers (SSV).

Depending on the glass wand connection type in your SSV you will need a different sized screen:  standard glass, spherical ground glass and old-style ground glass vaporizers require the  0.625in / 15.8mm screens, whereas new style ground glass fittings require the slightly smaller 0.583in / 14.8mm screens.

Please see the dropdown menu to ensure that you select the correct sized screen for your 7th Floor vaporizer or vap pen.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand 7th Floor (Silver Surfer / SSV)
Material Stainless Steel
Spare / Replacement Vaporizer Parts Gauzes / Screens
Diameter 0mm