Stand Up Sherlock Pipe Bob's Rasta Frit | Dynomite

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Product Description


This stand up fritted Sherlock pipe with rasta-ready coloruing is all you need to get the party started and keep it going. Bob Marley branding and a handheld size make this one for the wish list.

  • 4 Inches Long

  • Full Colour Frit

  • Hand Blown

  • Rasta Detailing

Full Colour Frit

A mixture of silica and fluxes fused together creates a frit glass. This process is hand blown and the gorgeous product is breathtaking.

Rasta Detailing 

Green, red, and yellow colours signify the dreamy smoky imagery of the Rasta lifestyle. A carb hole on the left and a knob on the right with Bob Marley’s image emblazoned on it bring the good vibes at every use.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions Length 4 Inches
Weight Info 14oz
Special Finish Frit Work
Brand Dynomite
Length 101mm
Material Glass
Colour Rasta
Extra carb hole
Type Sherlock