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Hand-made Sherlock style hand pipe with detailed slyme drip decoration and glass feet. Made by the master flameworkers at Mathematix Glass in Los Angeles from the finest American borosilicate glass. Features large, deep bowl, carb hole, glass feet, pinched mouthpiece and Mathematix logo.


  • American Borosilicate Glass
  • Classic Sherlock Design
  • Carb Hole
  • Slyme Drip Decoration

Made In The USA

This small Sherlock pipe is made with love by the talented team of lampworkers at Mathematix Glass in California. Using the best American glass, the team create these hand pipes with a glass thickness of 4mm for strength, heat resistance and peace of mind. The slyme drip decoration and Mathematix logo gives each piece the finishing touch that makes these pipes a stand out.

Portable Piece

At just 5 inches in length, this pipe is the ideal piece for smoking while you’re on the go. The thick glass construction ensures that your pipe will stand up to a few bumps and bangs, while the deep bowl ensures you can get all you need from one blast of the pipe. Check out our Smoking Accessories section for a selection of padded carry cases for keeping your pipe safe during transit.

Stand-Out Style

This pipe is elaborately decorated with slyme drips in and around the bowl, and handy glass fee that keep the pipe upright, ready for loading. The main body of the Sherlock is available in either solid black or solid white glass, with slyme accents in green or purple. The piece has the Mathematix logo on the stem of the pipe for authenticity.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture United States
Weight Info 11 oz
Brand Mathematix
Length 121mm
Material Glass
Colour Black, Green, White
Mouthpiece Pinched
Extra carb hole
Glass Thickness 5mm
Type Sherlock