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Skilletools Flexy Dabber by GEAR

Made from dental-grade stainless steel the Skilletools Flexy Dabber from GEAR has a flat, chisel-like tool at one end, and is flexible to allow access to difficult to reach corners, or for scraping smaller containers. 

This dabber  features a comfort grip in the centre, adorned with the Skilletools logo in a graffiti style.

Designed for use with all concentrates, honeys, oil, extracts and waxes, the Skilletools Flexy Dabber by GEAR is a great all-round tool at a great low price.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 15.5cm
Weight Info 18g
Brand GEAR
Concentrate Utensils Dabbing Tools
Length 151mm
Tip Style Spatula
Material Stainless Steel
Nail Style Skillet
Dabber Style Regular
Logo Colour Aqua
Colour Silver
Type Concentrate Utensils