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Sherlock Helio Pipe with Dichroic Swirl 

This beautiful glass pipe from Amsterdam Glassworx is 100% hand made by master lampworker, Chris Rawkins at the Glassworx studio.  Each piece of glass that leaves the Amsterdam Glassworx studio is made entirely by hand, using hand-pulled colours without the use of machinery or glass saws.  Following production, every single piece goes through a 24 hour annealing process followed by a series of stringent quality checks.  Annealing toughens the glass and removes any lingering stresses, preparing it for a lifetime of use as a smoking piece.

Using the very finest Schott-Duran borosilicate glass, the flameworkers of Amsterdam Glassworx form lattacino spirals of coloured glass and shape them into the classic Sherlock form.  The handle is then formed by twisting more coloured glass with sparkling ribbons of dichroic glass - this stabilises the pipe and provides a natural gripping point.  The elaborate piece is further embellished with two decorative marbles - a dichroic vortex marble near the base of the pipe and a stunning implosion marble below the bowl which bears the X3 signature of Amsterdam Glassworx.

Whether you intend to use the Helio Sherlock with Dichroic Swirl as an everyday smoking piece, or simply place the pipe on display as part of an art glass collection, you will not be disappointed:  This is a true connoisseur's piece from a master lampworker at the zenith of his profession.  

Please be aware that as every Amsterdam Glassworx piece is made by hand, actual products may vary very slightly from those shown. Check the drop down for design availability.



Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight Info 198g
Special Finish Coloured Sections, Implosion Marble, Lattaccino, Marbles, Vortex Marble, Worked
Brand Amsterdam Glassworx
Material Glass
Logo Colour No logo
Colour Amber, Aqua, Blue, Green, Multi Coloured, Orange
Height 101mm
Diameter 96mm
Mouthpiece Bent, Straight
Style Heady
Type Chamber, Sherlock