Hammer Bubbler with Stemless 6 Arm Percolated Diffuser | Sheldon Black

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Master Flameworkers Sheldon Black, offer this sleek and stylish 6 Arm Tree Perc Rig in a variety of unique designs.  Featuring an effective built-in 6 arm diffuser, this bubbler comes complete with a removable sherlock 14.5mm mouthpiece and a removable 18.8mm bowl.


  • American Borosilicate Glass

  • Built-in 6 Arm Downstem Diffuser

  • Female 18.8m Ground Joint/Male 18.8mm Bowl

  • Female 14.5m Ground Joint/Male 14.5mm Mouthpiece

  • Choice of Sheldon Black Artwork Designs


6 Arm Downstem Diffuser

Unlike others within the bubbler series, this 6 arm tree percolated diffuser is built into the water pipe, making it a stemless piece. Each arm has two large slits for optimal smoke diffusion. The immense bubbling action caused by the diffuser allows the smoke particles to cool down, whilst also helping remove carcinogens from the user’s hit. The outcome of this diffusion is a smooth and clean smoking experience.

Removable Mouthpiece and Bowl

Sheldon Black ensure that the glass bubbler is as user-friendly as possible with its removable features. Not only is this bubbler easy to clean, the versatility of glass piece allows the user to replace the attachments with their own preferred mouthpiece or bowl. Those wanting to turn this bong into a dab rig, can simply remove the bowl and connect their own compatible nail and vapor dome to the build.

Sheldon Black Artwork Designs

Wanting to offer their customer base more variety, Sheldon Black’s design team has created over 10 different artwork designs for this effective glass bubbler. With all these options you’ll certainly find one that suits your personal taste.

Note: These products are hand blown, hieght may vary for one unit to another.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Sheldon Black
Width 111mm
Material Glass
Logo Colour Black, Brown, Clear, Green, Orange, Platinum
Colour Clear
Diameter 6mm
Special Features Direct Inject, Stemless
Percolator Removable, Tree Percolator
Mouthpiece Bent, Flared
Joint Female
Joint Size 14.5mm, 18.8mm
Glass Thickness 5mm
Style Straight / Tube
Type Bongs, Bubblers