Keyring Rolling Tool

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Product Description


This is a very clever invention, and a portable one too!

The tool part is long and narrows toward the top. You simply place your paper around the tool and it will fit snugly around the shape, moulding your paper into the perfect joint shape!

To make that benefit just that little bit more special, the Rolling Cone Tool also doubles as a keyring, meaning you can carry it around with your keys.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 11cm long
Weight Info 25g
Length 101mm
Material Metal
Rolling machines Cone
Colour Silver
Type Cone Attachments, Keychain


ExcellentReview by Smokey McPot
This is a great tool for people like me, who aren't the best at rolling. I've used this product for two years now and I'm re-ordering a new one because I've just lost my old faithful (#gutted). I couldn't live without this now - for something so simple, it works so well. Highly recommended. (Posted on 11/11/2015)
Truly exceptional and simpleReview by dogno7
Much smaller and more convenient to use than a bulky 110mm rolling box or machine.

Works well with papers up to king sized (110mm). Wrap your cone around, and put in the piece of cardboard at the bottom, and fill up, and use this tool to pack the cone (tightly) that you just made.

I find that I need to make double cones, and tighten up two cones till they bind together using this keyring. When you pull it off, and it comes off as one, rather than two, that is perfect.

Single papers just didn't hold up well to the weight of a cone, but since I have started using two papers, I have had excellent results.

A cone made with this does not fit into the solid steel bamboo shaped rollie holder, assuming you are using 110mm papers. This is more of a fault of the bamboo rollie holder.

Made of anodised aluminium. (Posted on 09/07/2010)
Worth the priceReview by mario.marhx
This is the perfect tool for making pre-rolled cones. Very handy for on the go rolling. I recommend this for all beginner and expert rollers. (Posted on 30/06/2010)
Truly exceptional and simpleReview by dogno7
This is so simple and useful, it numbs the mind. Literally.

Works great for making cones, every time.

Also, as others have noted, using it for a tamper, to make a nice tight, well packed, amazingly perfect stick of spliff works really well.

More compact than any other rolling machine I have seen. Put a piece of cardboard or a filter at the tighter end, and fill and tamp to the top.

Perfect happiness, every time.

Also works well with multiple papers, for making a more durable stick of spliff.

Designed for up to 110mm papers.

I don't know why you would want to use smaller papers with it, but you could. (Posted on 23/06/2010)
perfectReview by tomfarrall
I could never handroll them without the use of a maching, but even then the size and shapes were all wrong. This lets you get the best cone every time, ready to just put a nice roach in and pack it up. (Posted on 09/04/2010)
Rolling Cone Tool KeyringReview by acupofbread
After waiting a little while for it to get back in stock, I bought it right away. This thing works perfectly. The actual key ring part may get in the way sometimes though. Other than that, this is an amazing product. (Posted on 04/09/2009)
Awesome!!!Review by kts_4.0
As someone who could never roll a cone in over 20 years of trying I have to say this is an amazing product: now I get a perfect cone every time :-) This tool can also be used to pad the "smoking mixture" into the cone. Excellent! (Posted on 05/03/2009)
Cone WonderlandReview by sspyke667
Got this a few days before i found this site (unfortunatly) but it rolls perfect cones. Even though i prefer a rolling machine, this is much more consealable when your on the go. 4/5 because the second day i had it the keyring broke off and had to replace it but maybe this one has a more sturdy keyring. (Posted on 03/09/2008)
So simple and so awesomeReview by rosco351
I have tried a bunch of different rolling machines, and this thing beats them all hands down. Easy to use and makes a perfect joint EVERY time. I can't recommend it enough. (Posted on 19/07/2008)
Fantastic!Review by tca1390
Whoever had the idea to make one of these deserves a cookie because it saves soooooo much time and effort and is a nice sturdy cone that will last you a long time. One thing I was really surprised at was how big the cone is! It goes from the tip of your middle finger to the bottom of your palm, now that's a big cone! Oh and it's perfect to for your "pokey thing" to stuff your mix in, 5 stars! (Posted on 06/02/2008)
GreatReview by nealthealki
This is a godsend for people like me. I've been smoking for years but never could seem to master rolling (mainly because im always with friends who are great rollers so i just let them get on with it!) but that meant when im on my own and i fancied a smoke i had to use a pipe or bong when i actually prefer joints. Overnight i have gone from it being impossible to have a joint when alone to being able to roll PERFECT joints in minutes. As somebody else has also mentioned its perfect for using as a "pokey tool." Its great beause you always have it with you too if you use the keyring function (unless you forget ya Basically If you struggle to roll or even if you smoke alot and rolling drives you mad then buy this! (Posted on 29/08/2007)
Perfect EVERY Time...Review by kingmst
This small and seemingly simple tool has proven to be one of the most valued accessories in my collection of smoking saccessories.

I have'nt had a smoke without using this tool since I purchased it. It works absolutely perfect with EDIT joint holders (Large) and it makes using slimline filter tips and roaches a breeze.
Frankly I beleive this simple invention is the best thing since sliced bread... EDIT guys, you have outdone yourselves. A++ (Posted on 06/10/2006)
RaspectReview by charlieflameofthewest
Its shiny n rolls good zootage :) (Posted on 31/05/2006)
Damn UsefulReview by moocow8672
Rolls nice cones no problem at all, even a completely monged out person could use it, although whether they could accurately fill the resulting shell with gear is debatable.
Also functions brilliantly as a 'pokey thing', far better than the flint of a clipper, so even if you prefer to roll your own coneage, this is still a very handy implement. (Posted on 21/05/2006)
Simple and efective gadget...Review by balcony_farmer
I have one of this Rolling Joint Tools and it is a big help to roll nice couldnt get simpler than this....

l (Posted on 21/04/2006)

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