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Reducing Liquid Freezer Downstem 18.8 to 14.5

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Product Description


This liquid freezing downstem from Weed Star is another brilliant freezing accessory. This fits into an 18.8mm joint and has a 14.5 ground connector for your bowl. The downstem can be put into a freezer (for NO longer than 15 minutes) before use and provides a cooling effect on the smoke as it passes through. 

This downstem varies in colour. A must have for any glass bong enthusiast. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 135mm x 30mm
Weight Info 40g
Brand Weed Star
Length 21mm
Material Glass
Logo Colour Red
Colour Blue
Height 121mm , 131mm
Downstem Length 111mm , 121mm
Joint Female, Male
Joint Size 14.5mm, 18.8mm
Type Downpipes / Diffusers