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Double Dice Pipe | Red Eye Glass

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Product Description


The Double Dice Pipe from Red Eye Glass is a small, portable, elegant, little glass pipe. Spanning approximately 80mm long this glass pipe in essence is 2 hollow glass die adjoined at the corner points. One die features the bowl and carb hole, this component sits upright when the pipe is in the resting position.

The other attached die sits at a 45 degree angle and rests upon the corner point of the die. It is this die where the mouthpiece can be located. This Unique Double Dice Glass Pipe is fashioned in royal blue glass colouring and comes complete with all the styling featured on a 6-sided dice. A brilliantly elegant pipe form our friends at Red Eye Glass Studios

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 80mm x 35mm x 35mm
Weight Info 55g
Special Finish Coloured Sections
Brand Red Eye Glass
Length 71mm
Material Glass
Logo Colour No logo
Colour Blue, Clear, Green
Special Features Carb Hole
Mouthpiece Straight
Style Novelty