Unrefined Parchment Paper Single Box 30cm x 10M | RAW

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RAW Unrefined Parchment Paper 30cm x 10M

RAW parchment paper is available in two different sized rolls - 10cm x 4m and 30cm x 10m.

Suitable for home baking or wrapping paper, this unrefined, non-stick parchment paper is unbleached and free from quilon and other potential contaminants.

Because the paper is non-stick, it can be used to wrap waxes, and concentrates that would adhere to other packagings, spoiling the contents.  RAW parchment paper can be scraped with sharp implements to remove whatever has come into contact with it.  The unrefined nature of the paper means that there is no danger of any chemicals or toxins contaminating your products.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 31cm x 5cm x 5cm Pack
Weight Info 183g Pack
Brand RAW
Concentrate Utensils Preparation / Protective
Length 291mm
Width 91mm
Material Paper
Colour Brown
Type Concentrate Utensils, Parchment Paper