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Exquisitely made glass filter tip for the ultimate hand-rolled smoking experience. The tips are 1.75 inches in length and made in the USA from toughened borosilicate glass. Available in regular, small and extra small sizes to suit your rolling style.

American Borosilicate Glass
Choice Of Sizes
Reusable Filter Tip
Various Colors
Made In The USA

Premium Handcrafted Pieces

Purr Glass are perhaps best known for their premium waterpipes and dab rigs, but the Californian glass specialist’s desire to innovate and improve the everyday experience of smokers has resulted in these awesome glass filter tips for discerning hand-rollers. Each tip is hand-made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass for ultimate strength and heat resistance. A Purr Glass Smokey Tip will provide you with a lifetime of smoking pleasure.


Cotton filters and cardboard roaches are fine for some smokers, but when you really want to build that perfect roll-up these glass tips are the ideal starting point. The pinched design prevents bits of tobacco from escaping into your mouth, while the colored glass mouthpiece protrudes from your cigarette making it easier to smoke. The tips can be used over and over again. They are easily cleaned with warm water or a pipe cleaner and isopropyl alcohol if they get really dirty.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand PURR Glass
Length 41mm
Material Glass
Colour Black, Multi Coloured
Glass Thickness 5mm
Type Glass Tips