Vapman Classic Vaporizer
Vapman Classic Vaporizer
Vapman Classic Vaporizer

Vapman Classic Vaporizer

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Vapman Classic Vaporizer

This wonderful vapouriser to the highest tolerances. Designed very small, handy and made from natural materials. THE vaporizer you just have to own. The Vapman has been a tried and tested system for years. Reliable and durable.
To heat the gold-coated pan, you only need a jet lighter or you can use the Vapman Station at home to heat up with electricity. This vaporizer takes only 7 seconds to be up and running. The classic version of the Vapman has a special heat protection and is fine-sanded and polished. The wood acts as a heat insulator and is also totally inert and totally safe for use. No chemicalsoxides created by heating.
No adhesive is used to secure the coating. It is also a mineral and natural silicate mica liner which is absolutely heat-resistant and does not contain any toxic substances or forms at high temperatures. The air nozzles in particular are breathtaking in simplicity but an elegant solution to ensuring a very tasty vapping experience.

  • Wood: pear tree, fine sanded, oiled (Linseed-oil) and polished
  • Mouthpiece: POM plastic, white
  • Diameter: 41mm
  • Hight: 62mm
  • Weight: 20gr.

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