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UV 420 Jars - RX (For Recreational Use)

UV 420 Jars - RX (For Recreational Use)

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The UV 420 Jars - RX (For Recreational Use) is currently out of stock. Don't worry though, more are already on the way and will be available soon!

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  • Product Description

    Made in the USA, these UV-glass 420 Jars are designed with air tight sealing lids to keep the contents fresh. 420 Jars are the ideal means of herb storage and the UV-tinted glass is an extra protection against the sun's rays. The screw-top lids keep things nice and fresh and there are many different herb-culture designs to choose from.

    Screw-Top UV 420 Jars Size Guide:


    • Height 5cm
    • Width 5cm
    • Holds Approx. 60ml or 3.5g 


    •  Height 6.5cm
    •  Width 6.5cm 
    •  Holds Approx. 125ml or 7g 


    • Height 9.5cm
    • Width 7cm
    • Holds Approx. 250ml or 14g


    • Height 14cm
    • Width 7cm
    • Holds Approx. 500ml or 28g
  • Technical Specifications
    brand 420 Science
    height 41mm, 51mm, 81mm, 131mm
    material Glass
    width 41mm, 51mm, 61mm