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Trove Grinder Storage Box
Trove Grinder Storage Box

Trove Grinder Storage Box
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  • Product Description

    Trove Grinder Storage Box

    TROVE is the 'ALL in ONE' smoking lifestyle accessory. The TROVE conveniently carries and protects all your smoking essentials in one neat tidy capsule. With its slick design the TROVE is fully watertight, smell proof and has a built in grinder accessory which is a very strong and robust design.

    Built In Grinder

    A herb grinder is one of the most important pieces in your herb preparation kit. This piece features a built in grinder that will allow you to finely grind your dry herb. Grinding your herb down means that you increase the surface area that is exposed to combustion or vaporization; this leads to a smoother smoke with a finer burn and less wasted herb.

    Trove Storage

    The trove storage box can hold 6 cigarettes, a package of papers and also has a large storage space at the bottom. This is perfect for the herb fan on the go or for those who want to keep their storage compact.

    Watertight and Smell Proof

    The storage compartment is 100% watertight and smell proof; so you can be sure that your herb is kept safe, secure, and discreet. This makes it perfect for travelling or for keeping secure and private.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Trove
    diameter 61mm
    grinder parts 5-Part
    height 151mm
    material Acrylic
    teeth Pyramid