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Teapot Stack Perc Recycler Rig
Teapot Stack Perc Recycler Rig
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Teapot Stack Perc Recycler Rig

Sheldon Black NAMNBG15558
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  • Product Description

    This scientific recycler dab rig from legendary American glass house, Sheldon Black is packed with features to enhance your dabbing experience. Using an ingenious recycler system, this stemless, direct inject designed dab rig comes equipped with an inline slit diffuser, integrated disc percolator, 14.5mm male ground joint and matching female vapour dome. 

    • American Borosilicate Glass

    • Scientific Recycler System

    • Inline Diffuser

    • Fixed Disc Perc

    • Male 14.5mm Joint Size

    • Female 14.5mm Vapour Dome (No Nail Included) 

    Double Percolator

    Sheldon Black equip this scientific glass piece with not one but two percolators. The slitted inline diffuser forces the vapour to increase in surface area. Due to the suction, this vapour then passes through the effective disc percolator, where the filtration process reoccurs. Working in tandem, these two percolators helped by the recycler system provide the user with a cool, clean dabbing experience.

    Recycler System

    Looking to produce some of the smoothest hits, this dab rig has incorporated the recycler function with its two chamber design. This design forces the water to loop in between both chambers, each time passing through the fixed disc percolator to create an exceptionally filtered end result.

    Made in the USA

    Made in Sheldon Black’s Los Angeles studio, this ‘teapot’ recycler dab rig  is crafted from the finest borosilicate glass. With an extremely thick glass used, this glass piece is exceptionally durable and boasts great heat resistance.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Sheldon Black
    diffuser Slitted
    height 361mm
    includes Vapour Dome
    joint Male
    joint size 14.5mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Bent, Flared
    percolator Disc