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Strip Pong Pack

Strip Pong Pack

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  • Product Description

    Beer Pong is a hugely popular party game. It’s competitive, fun-loving, all-inclusive and a great drinking game amongst friends. This pack comes with everything you need to start your night.

    This game is beer pong with a strip poker type twist. The pack come with 22 reusable cups complete with fill lines for measurement and 6 different cup results for when the shooter sinks a ball. The 6 results are as follows:

    - Remove one article of clothing

    - Shooters Choice

    - Shooter Removes one article of clothing

    - Put on one article of clothing

    - Remove two articles of clothing

    - Remove all clothing

    You keep playing until all the beer is sunk and someone is fully naked! Great adult fun for those of you looking for a little extra from their game of beer pong!

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