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Strawberry Recycler Bubbler Oil Rig

Strawberry Recycler Bubbler Oil Rig

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  • Product Description

    Cheech and Chong - Strawberry Recycler Bubbler Oil Rig.

    Godfathers of the counterculture movement, Cheech and Chong are immortalized in their great body of work that spans decades. Not content with their current legacy, the two well-loved hippies are now looking to take the glass industry by storm.

    Standing at 14cms in height, this clear glass recycler oil rig comes with a 3-hole downstem diffuser that forces the vapour to break up and increase in surface area. This action helps cool down the vapour for a more pleasant hit.

    Furthermore the recycler system then continues to repeatedly recycle the water into the main chamber. This action helps remove nasty toxins from the vapour so that the user is only left with a cool and clean hit.

    With a cool and unique design, this glass oil rig comes complete with a 14.5mm glass concentrate nail and vapour dome. This means you can pull this glass piece out of the box and immediately be 'up in smoke'.

    A far-out recycler oil rig, this glass piece will totally please Cheech and Chong fans and dabbing enthusiasts alike.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Cheech and Chong
    diffuser Holes
    height 131mm
    includes Glass Nail, Vapour Dome
    joint Male
    joint size 14.5mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Bent