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Spoon Pipe Cane Detail With Colored Accents

Spoon Pipe Cane Detail With Colored Accents

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  • Product Description

    Talent Glass - Detailed Cane Spoon Pipe

    Each glass pipe that is crafted by Talent Glass includes a lot of dedication and effort. Always dazzling and high quality, it's glass pieces like this detailed cane spoon pipe that are simply amazing.

    Made from high quality glass, this spoon-shaped pipe is portable and easy to use. The piece features an effective carb hole that allows the user to control the level of their hit.

    Elaborately decorated in a chain like pattern that spirals around the glass piece and into the large bowl end. With a gold coloured squiggly finish to the background, this fantastic spoon pipe gives the impression of a Van Gogh designed piece of jewelry.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Talent Glassworks
    extra carb hole
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Straight