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Sherlock Pipe Dichro Window Pane

Sherlock Pipe Dichro Window Pane

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  • Product Description

    Talent Glass - Dichro Sherlock Pipe

    The word astonishing comes to mind when studying the spellbinding designs of this Dichro Sherlock Pipe. Talent Glass founder Brent Cook must be pleased with how this sherlock pipe came out.

    The neck of the mouthpiece is decorated with a cut-like dichro swirl that wraps itself around the neck until it reaches the bowl. This dichro layer is made out of multiple layers of metal oxides that results in the unique features you see before you.

    Towards the business end of the pipe is a mesmerizing black and black design. From a distance this design looks like a collection of blue diamonds sparkling in front of a black background.

    Made from high quality glass, Talent Glass have again created amazing results from contrasting a number of unique patterns into one.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Talent Glassworks
    material Glass