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Sherlock Dab Rig With Showerhead Perc

Sherlock Dab Rig With Showerhead Perc

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  • Product Description

    Sherlock style dab rig with bubbled base, inline showerhead perc, long, bent mouthpiece and 14.5mm male ground joint with matching slash-cut vapour dome. Made by hand in the USA from the finest American borosilicate glass.

    • American Borosilicate Glass

    • Bubbled Base

    • Inline Showerhead Perc

    • Includes Vapour Dome

    Proud to be American

    This 9 inch bubbler is handcrafted by a team of flameworkers at Mathematix’ Los Angeles glass studios from the finest American borosilicate glass. The piece has a glass thickness of 3mm, and is fully annealed to ensure durability. Each piece undergoes a stringent quality check before being signed off for immediate use.

    Fixed Perc

    This Sherlock dab rig provides smooth, cool hits thanks to the integrated inline percolator that creates a turbulent bubbling action. As smoke passes through the bubbling water, it is broken up which increases the surface area and particulates are removed from the hit. The smoke is also cooled by the water, so the toke that reaches your lungs is thick, milky and satisfying.

    Awesome Styling

    The bubbled base allows the piece to stand upright, with the weight of water in the base providing extra stability. The long, slender, bent neck provides an extended smoke path for better cooling, as well as making the pipe simple and intuitive to use. The whole piece is decorated with striking Mathematix decals in vivid aqua and white. A stunning piece that hits as good as it looks.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Mathematix
    glass thichness 3mm
    includes Vapour Dome
    joint size 14.5mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Bent, Pinched
    percolator Showerhead