Rolling Papers 1.5 Size Single Pack

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Single pack of 1 ½ size organic hemp rolling papers from specialist manufacturer, Raw. Organic, unbleached, unrefined hemp papers in a counter-top display box. 

  • Organic Hemp Papers

  • Natural Hemp Gum

  • Watermarked For Even Burn 

Organic Hemp

These 1 ½ size rolling papers are made from unrefined, unbleached hemp for a clean, natural taste. No chlorine is used during manufacture, so the papers retain a natural, light brown colour which is watermarked with Raw’s criss-cross pattern for a slow, controlled burn with no runs. 100% vegan friendly.

One And A Half

Raw manufactures their market-leading rolling papers in a huge variety of sizes and weights with a paper to suit every situation. These 1 ½ size papers are ideal for a solo roll-up or for combining together for complex, artistic builds.

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