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Portable Vaporizer Pen Seahawks Tri-Color

Portable Vaporizer Pen Seahawks Tri-Color

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  • Product Description

    Compact, portable vaporizer pen for use with oils, waxes and other viscous concentrates. The chrome and titanium vape pen is finished with an eye-catching tri-colour design which symbolizes the spirit of the Seattle Seahawks football team.

    • Made For Oil And Wax
    • Titanium Components
    • Seahawks Design
    • Complete Starter Kit

    Sleek Design

    If vaping on the move is your thing, the Trippy Stix Tri-Colour vape pen is a great choice. The pen is lightweight and only 5 inches in height, perfect for stealth vaping and slipping into a pocket or purse.

    Titanium Construction

    For enhanced performance, Trippy Stix have equipped these vapes with titanium components, a large titanium oven and a chromed mouthpiece. The inert metal construction ensures that hits taste clean and pure every time. The pen is easy to clean and easy to disassembled for maintenance purposes.

    Starter Kit

    Trippy Stix have packaged the Tri-Colour vape pen as a complete kit which includes the vape itself, two spare chrome mouthpieces, user manual, gift box and a handy USB charger. You’ll be ready to start vaping straight from box with this elite wax pen and accessories.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Trippy Stix
    compatibility Oil, Wax
    dabber style Regular
    heating chamber material Titanium
    inhalation method Direct
    length 121mm
    material Chrome Plated, Titanium
    power Battery