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Pandora Glass Pipe

Pandora Glass Pipe

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  • Product Description

    Here’s the Pandora Pipe from Red Eye glass! This small and quaint piece gets it aesthetical prowess from the fumed glass throughout the pipe. For such a small piece, the bowl is very deep and can carry a lot of contents. The carb hole is on the left side of the bowl. There is also a clear glass anti-roll bead on the right side of the bowl and a flat surface at the bottom of the bowl for added security. 

    The other identifiable trait on this piece is the multicoloured line work throughout that wraps around the fumed and clear glass like a ribbon. 

    Colours vary with this pipe. 

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Red Eye Glass
    length 81mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Pinched, Straight
    width 41mm