Mix & Match Rollers Bundle

Mix & Match Rollers Bundle


Mix & Match Rollers Bundle

We haved mixed and matched some of our favourite rollers products to put together this awesome bundle for you. Giving you everything you need to enjoy your next few smoke sessions as well as saving you a few pounds compared to buying all the products individually. The bundle contains a mixture of rolling papers and tips, as well as some pre-rolled cones, an airtainer grinder with storage and a smelly proof bag to keep your herbs fresh and any smells contained. The products included are by a range of brands, all of which are massively respected within the industry.

What's Included?

EHLE Natural Unbleached Papers & Tips King Size
RooR Authentic Pleasure Regular Size Ultra Thin Premium Papers
Greengo Natural Unbleached King Size Papers & Tips
EHLE Premium Slim King Size Papers
Quintessential Smoking Tips - Holy Rollers
Basil Bush Book of Roach
Quintessential Chlorine Free Smoking Tips
Hornet Pre-Rolled King Size Natural Hemp Cones (Pack of 3)
Plain Airtainer
Smelly Proof Baggie - Black

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