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Meniscus Perc Bubbler Oil Rig Clear

Meniscus Perc Bubbler Oil Rig Clear

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  • Product Description

    Roor Tech - Mini Meniscus Perc Bubbler Oil Rig Clear

    Since beginning in 1980's, Roor Tech has grown into one of the most recognised premium glass makers in the world. Their point of pride is their superior glass quality and graceful designs.

    Standing at 27cm in height, this glass oil rig contains a small fixed meniscus percolator. This percolator breaks up the smoke into finer particles, thus increasing the surface area. This rapidly cools the smoke while also removing nasty carcinogens from the vapour.

    This stemless glass oil rig comes complete with a 14.5mm domeless nail size and sidecar styled mouthpiece. Please note, this glass oil rig does not come with a nail.

    Roor Tech has then decided to stick to  an elegantly clear glass design by only adding the finest of touches to the piece. This includes the white accented domeless nail joint and the simplistic white Roor Tech logo.

    Yet again, Roor Tech has continued their winning formula with this captivating piece that any glass oil rig enthusiast would cherish amongst their own esteemed collection.

    Order your US-made Roor Tech piece from EDIT today for free shipping and our famous price match guarantee.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Roor Tech
    height 261mm
    joint Male
    joint size 14.5mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Flared, Straight
    percolator Barrel, Showerhead