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Maestro Dual Platform Precision Scale

Maestro Dual Platform Precision Scale

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  • Product Description

    My Weigh - Maestro Dual Platform Precision Scale 

    This marvellous digital weighing scale by My Weigh is a great all round device that will easily deal with any of your weighing needs. 

    The maestro precision scale comes with two platforms for a variety of uses. The main scale is for your heavier items and the slick pop out scale is purposely for smaller items.

    Main scale capacity - 8kg x 1g

    Pop out scale capacity - 200g x 0.1g

    This very accurate device has included My Weigh's famous baker's percentage function that allows you to cook/bake by proportions. 

    Made out of stainless steel, this digital scale is very easy to clean and will help you in your time of need for years to come.

    Two-in-one Scale:

    • Main Scale for weighing heavier items (5 pounds/ 2.25 kilograms of flour, for instance)
    • Pop Out Small Scale for weighing lighter items (such as yeast or baking powder), accurate to one-tenth of a gram
  • Technical Specifications
    brand My Weigh
    power Batteries