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Kandypens UK Cheap Vape Pens
K-Stick Wax Vaporizer Pen

K-Stick Wax Vaporizer Pen
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  • Product Description

    Kandypens UK - The Best Vape Pens UK

    Get unimaginable hits off this K-Stick Wax Vaporizer Pen by Kandypens. The purveyor of innovative and stylish vape pens, Kandypens makes attractive yet dependable vaping tools. Polished and functional, get yourself one of the most cutting edge vape pens on the market.

    Kandypens K-Stick Vape Pen UK - Features

    • Deep Chamber
    • Single Pancake Style Coil
    • Dab Tool
    • USB Charger
    • Lifetime Warranty on Battery
    • Available in Three Different Colors
    • For Use with Wax Concentrates


    Wax Vaporizer

    This vape pen is designed to work with wax concentrates. Concentrates are created through a process of distillation that uses solvents like butane to force the active ingredients of heb out. After this the solvent is evaporated away from the concentrate in a vacuum oven. This process can result in three different forms of concentrate; oil, the least pure, shatter the most pure, and wax; the middle ground when it comes to potency.

    Wax is easy to transport and offers a potent high, much stronger than its equivalent amount of dry herb.

    Dab-Style Experience On The Move

    The K-stick allows you to enjoy a dab-like experience without having to lug along a bulky dabbing rig! You’ll be able to enjoy your concentrate on your terms.

    Kandypens K-Stick UK - Single Pancake Style Coil

    Once you detach the tank, a single pancake styled coil is revealed. The power this coils pack is serious. When you can’t take your full smoking set up, this pen can stand in and perform beautifully. You can expect a perfectly vaporized and smooth concentrate hit every time.

    Kandypens UK - Rechargeable

    A durable and rechargeable battery with USB charger is included. Kandypens puts a lifetime warranty on their batteries as well. This is truly a no lose situation. As we see the popularity in Vape Pens continue to grow and grow within the UK, we reckon we'll continue to see Kandypens lead the way.


  • Technical Specifications
    adjustable temperature One Preset
    atomizers cartomizers 510-threaded
    brand Kandypens
    compatibility Oil, Shatter, Wax
    inhalation method Direct
    length 171mm
    power Battery