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Ice Water Pipe Mold
Ice Water Pipe Mold

Ice Water Pipe Mold
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  • Product Description


    Something exciting for our pipe lovers who wants something cool. With the Ice water pipe Mould from Eyce allows you to create your own ice pipe. Only the name of the products gives me chills and it is hard to wait to have one of these.


    To create a pipe entirely from ice, you for sure would need a freezer apart from the pipeu2019s kit. This kit includes a food grade silicon mould, core pin, mouthpiece, grommet, silicon plug, stand and user manual. Very few of the pipes comes with an instruction manual. However, this one is a special one and needs a user manual to understand exactly how you would use it.

    Simply put water in the mould and put the core pin to keep the space for the Downstem. Put the pipe into the freezer until it is completely frozen. Once you have the ice in it, run little warm water on it so that the mould loses its grip. Remove the mould to have your pipe entirely made from ice. Now put the grommet and Downstem into the slots and have the piece frozen again so that the Stem is fixed to the pipe.

    Following the steps, you will have your chilling pipe to give you super cool hits all the time you inhale the smoke.

    Making your ice pipe, a Dab rig is another exciting aspect of this piece. You simply place your Vapour dome and Nail to the mould to have the free flow dabbing experience anytime.

    With 29cm of dimension and close to 900gm of weight, this makes you feel owning something big and supreme. This piece is something that you wish to own anytime, that too comes with a nice pricing.


    Many of the features of this pipe are important and exciting. We would also like to announce that this pipe can be used with any 9mm Downstem and you can convert this piece in to a Dab rig if needed.


    This ice pipe also ensures that you can carry it with you to your trips without worrying about much caring, unlike Glass pieces. Once you are familiar with this pipe piece, it is fun to assemble it anytime you need to have a chilling smoking session.

    This pipe is available in two bright colours, Red and Green. Take your pick!

  • Technical Specifications
    brand EYCE
    material Silicone
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