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Honeycomb Hand Pipe Andromeda Maroon

Honeycomb Hand Pipe Andromeda Maroon

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  • Product Description

    The  Andromeda Honeycomb Hand Pipe is a thick, glass spoon pipe with incredible levels of detailed decoration.  With HD Glass' signature honeycomb design providing the finishing touch to the detailed translucent colour work.  The pipe features decorative glass beads around the bowl end which help the user to grip the pipe and prevent it from tipping over when unattended.

    HD Glass is a small, artisan glass company, based in Prescott Valley, Arizona, some 85 miles north of Phoenix.  The company is owned by master glass blower, Heather Durbin.  Heather takes immense pride in every single piece she creates - HD Glass label each piece 'Made With Love by Heather Durbin.'
    The HD Glass spoon pipes come in a range of colours and designs with both translucent and opaque effects.  

    HD Glass use only the finest quality borosilicate glass to create their artisan pieces, ensuring strength and heat resistance for a lifetime of smoking pleasure.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand HD Glass
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Pinched, Straight