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Galaxy All Ceramic Air Pathway

Galaxy All Ceramic Air Pathway

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  • Product Description

    Galaxy E-Nail - All Ceramic Air Pathway.

    Made to a superb standard in the USA, the Galaxy E-Nail is the perfect accessory for use with sticky oils and concentrates.

    Supplied with a range of different sized adapters, the Galaxy E-Nail will fit any bubbler or tube with a standard sized connection.

    The entire airpath on the Galaxy E-Nail is ceramic - even down to the heating element.  The nail features quartz glass which has been precision melted onto the nail's surface; this means that your dabs taste, cleaner, purer and are untainted by the metallic tinge you sometimes get from metal nails.

    Each Galaxy E-Nail comes as a complete kit including a full complement of extras and accessories.  Order today from EDIT for FREE shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.


    • 1 x Galaxy Launch Pad Digital Controller 120V US Plug
    • 1 x Galaxy Ceramic E-Nail with Handle
    • 1 x Galaxy Ceramic Female Adaptor 14.5mm and 18.8mm
    • 1 x Galaxy Ceramic Male Adaptor 14.5mm
    • 1 x Galaxy Ceramic Male Adaptor 18.8mm
    • 1 x Galaxy Ceramic Carb Cap
    • 1 x Galaxy Titanium Dabber
    • 1 x User Manual
  • Technical Specifications
    brand Galaxy E-Nails
    concentrate utensils Concentrate Nails
    joint Female, Male
    joint size 14.5mm, 18.8mm
    material Ceramic, Metal, Quartz
    nail style Electric / E-Nail
    power Mains