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EXO Diffy Small Bubbler Oil Rig

EXO Diffy Small Bubbler Oil Rig

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  • Product Description

    Waterworks Glass - EXO Diffy Small Bubbler Oil Rig

    Another absolute knockout by Waterworks Glass and it's founder Hamm, this ridiculously small oil rig is truly the pinnacle of portable oil rigs.

    Designed with the fantastic exo diffusion system, this glass piece comes equipped with one exo percolator which sits at the base of the chamber. Using jet technology, this percolator projects the airstream and forces maximum surface contact for significant filtration and cooling of the vapour.

    Standing at a petite 11cms in height, this tiny glass piece is completed with a male 18.8mm joint size and female 18.8mm vapour dome with handle. Please note no nail is included. 

    Waterworks Glass then nicely finish off the bubbler oil rig with coloured accents on the exo percolators. These accents are available in a variety of colours.

    Grab this wonderful Waterworks Glass piece today and receive free shipping and our famous price match guarantee.

    Available in two colours: Emerald and Rose Quartz.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Waterworks Glass
    diffuser Exo Diffy
    height 101mm
    includes Vapour Dome
    joint Male
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Glass