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CBD Patch 10mg
CBD Patch 10mg
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CBD Patch 10mg
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Mary's Nutritionals
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  • 10mg Activated Hemp Extract
  • Works up to 12-hours
  • Hypoallergenic foam backing
  • 100% organic plants

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  • Product Description

    An alternative...

    Medicine and pain relief has taken many forms over time but hemp has always been prevalent. Now more than ever people are turning to the natural benefits found in the hemp plant. Working with a team of chemists, botanists, and physicians, Mary's have managed to produce a completely nonpsychoactive, award-winning patch that helps you to relax and has active compounds found to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & antidepressant. Every batch of product is sourced from U.S. growers and laboratory tested for quality, accuracy, and consistency.

     Elite Transdermal Patch features

    • 10mg Hemp Extract
    • Gradual release
    • Latex free
    • Pharmaceutical grade adhesive
    • 2 x 2"
    • Up to 12-hours of use

    Science + Nature

    Never before has getting pain relief been so simple and effective! After just 30 minutes of applying this 2 x 2" patch, you can begin the feel the benefits starting to kick in. That's faster than a lot of traditional painkillers on the market.

    No more difficult, bitter pills to swallow. Using the patch is straightforward and pain-free. Firstly clean the area you intend to place the patch and allow it to fully dry. Then you need to tear the pouch open and remove the patch from inside before removing the 2 plastic tabs on the patch to reveal the sticky surface. With the patch in place, firmly press down to ensure it's fully in contact with your skin.

    Each patch comes supplied in its own little, pocket-sized pouch, making them perfect for taking out with you or on long trips. As they're so small they're perfect for long trips away when you maybe won't be able to ingest your regular pain relief so easily or just don't have enough room to pack everything.

    Cannabidiol a.k.a CBD as now been backed by endless testimonials for well over a decade and the evidence for its multiple uses continue to stack up as more and more research shows the full potential of the magical plant that is hemp.