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DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Burl Wood
DaVinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer

DaVinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer
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Da Vinci
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  • Available in various colors
  • Conduction/Convection Vape Method
  • Glass Mouthpiece

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  • Product Description

    DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

    The DaVinci Ascent is a fantastic dual use portable vaporizer. It is compatible with both dry herbal blends and concentrates, thanks to its glass inserts.

    From the makers of the DaVinci IQ DaVinci Ascent is one of the world's most advanced portable vaporizer. Ideal for herbal blends or oils, the Ascent is the only vaporizer on the market that can boast true 100%,  all-glass vaporization. The entire Davinci Ascent vapor pathway is glass ensuring an incredibly tasty flavor.

    DaVinci Ascent Features


    Herbs and concentrates

    Storage capacity

    0.30 grams

    Temperature Levels

    Precision Temperature Control

    Ascent heating

    Approximately 23 seconds

    Heating system

    Hybrid (conduction and convection)

    Heating coating material


    External coating material


    Battery capacity

    60 minutes of use

    Charging time

    3:30 hours

    Compatible chargers


    Compatible smartphones


    Other functions

    Digital control of temperature and conduction of steam through glass tube

    Approximate Dimenisons

    11.4 cm x 5.7 cm x 2.6 cm

    Approximate Weight

    193 grams


    2 years

    Incredible Flavour

    The DaVinci Ascent vapor path of ascent vaporizer is made from 100% high quality glass material that provides you highest vapor quality.  Everything from the heating element, glass ceramic bowl to mouthpiece is made from 100% pure glass. It's that purity that makes the Davinci Ascent one of the purest tasting vapes on the market right now, the 100% non-reactive nature of glass ensures that you won’t have to endure any nasty plasticy tastes. The Ascent also features a high quality glass lined ceramic heating system that will ensure that your herb or concentrates are evenly heated and produce a strong, delicious, untainted vapor. The non-reactive qualities for ceramic and glass are ideal for anyone one who first and foremost values the takes and quality of their dry herb vapor. For a truly delicious vaping experience you can’t go wrong with the DaVinci Ascent.

    Customize Your Vaping Experience

    The DaVinci Ascent vaporizer allows you to customize vaping experience with precision temperature control up to 430°C. The accessories that come with the DaVinci Ascent makes this a fantastic, go-to model that any serious vaper should consider as their next model. When we're talking glass oil jars, glass internal inserts as well as a carrying case and cleaning tools, you can really get yourself a whole vaping package with the DaVinci Ascent that you'll be able to rely on for all your vaping needs over the next few years.

    3+ Hour Battery Life

    The DaVinci Ascent can be used continuously for three + hrs with Ascent rechargeable lithium ion battery. The DaVinci Ascent's advanced battery gives it a three hour + battery life, meaning more vaping and less charging. This battery level is good for three or four sessions before you have to recharge the battery with the wall charger.

    Compatible With Dry Herb and Oil

    The DaVinci Ascent vaporizer gives you a flexibility to vaporize dry herbs, essential and more. It includes two glass oil jar for vaping essential oils.This means that you can enjoy a large variety of vape experiences including dry herb, waxes, concentrates, and oils.

    Advanced Design

    The DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer has a sleek, stylish and discreet design which probably make it eye catchy for the vaporizer lover. It is equipped with 100% glass pathway and a glass coated ceramic bowl. You will love the design as each Davinci Ascent vaporizer comes in 5 designs including Stealth, Burl Wood, Croc Skin, Black Skulls and Carbon Fiber. It comes with a full set of spare removable parts, a wall charger and a carrying pouch.

    The DaVinci Ascent is a fantastically compact vaporizer that's about the size of a modern smartphone, meaning you can easily slip it into a pocket or handbag for ultimate discretion. The intuitive, programmable OLED display of the DaVinci Ascent allows you to set the precise temperature for vaporization, putting you in control.

    DaVinci Ascent In Depth Vaporizer Review

    The DaVinci Ascent is a great portable vaporizer that is incredibly discreet and can work with both concentrates and dry herbal blends. This is fantastic as it allows you to enjoy a wide range of vaping experiences , far more than many other portable vaporizers will allow.

    The Ascent is a compact device, roughly double the size of an average smartphone. The front of the device features a LED display that allows you to see the Ascent’s current temperature, the ergonomically designed controls allow you to control the unit’s temperature and access the menu controls. The Ascent has a handy retractable glass mouthpiece that makes it easy to store and transport while delivering 100% untainted, high quality vapor.

    To load your vape chamber simply swing the bottom of the device open to reveal the heating chamber. This chamber can handle both concentrates and dry herb without the need for any aftermarket peripherals. The Ascent comes bundled with a handy glass insert that allows you to enjoy any concentrate you want to. There are 2 inserts bundled with the Ascent that can hold concentrates, waxes and oils. When you want to vape dry herb all you have to do is simply finely grind it and place it directly into the heating chamber. Finely grinding your herb is very important, the finer the grind the more surface area of your herb is exposed. This means that the heating systems of the vape can act upon more of your herb, drawing out more vapor and ensuring that none of your herb goes to waste.

    When it comes to using your Ascent enjoying a good vape session couldn’t be easier. To start with you simply swing the heating chamber open to insert your ground herb or concentrate insert. After the chamber is packed simply shut it and turn on the ascent. After a short wait of about 30 seconds you can expect it to reach the optimal vaping temperature and will maintain that desired temperature regardless of how often you draw from it.
    The vapor may not initially seem as thick as you would expect from other vaporizers, but we can guarantee you that the vapor will be as potent, effective, and delicious as in any other vaporizer. On a full charge the Ascent offers up to five hours of use, this is certainly on the higher end of battery life you can find in vapes.

    The Ascent is a truly versatile vape, perfect for those who like to customise their vaping experience to taste or for those using it for medicinal reasons. You can adjust the temperature to take advantage of the different boiling points of the various cannabinoids found within your dry herb. This means that you can effectively isolate and enjoy different ingredients and their effects!

    For the vape fan who wants a way to enjoy a whole range of vape experiences on the go while preserving their individual tastes then the DaVinci Ascent is ideal, if you want to enjoy your vape when you’re out and about then the extended battery life of this vaporizer will serve you well.

    All in all this is another fantastic, hi-tech portable vape from Arizer, showcasing all of the quality that we’ve come to expect from this fabulous brand. Clearly Arizer have made it their business to create fantastic portable vapes that provide great tasting vapor, we can’t wait to see where this innovative and dynamic company goes next!

    DaVinci Ascent Pros and Cons

    DaVinci Ascent Pros:

    • Best vapor quality you could possibly find in a portable vape
    • Quick heat up time
    • Higher Battery Life on the go, up to 3 sessions before you have to recharge
    • All In one vaporizer – Vape dry herb and essential oil
    • Digital display allows to set precise temperature for vaporization
    • Prevent harmful toxin and chemical via 100% glass pathway
    • Easy to clean, inbuilt cleaning brush

    DaVinci Ascent Cons:

    • Large size loading chamber. Almost double to other available vaporizer in the market.

    Cleaning DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer:

    It very easy to clean your DaVinci Ascent vaporizer. Use following steps to keep it neat and clean

    • Simply open the DaVinci Ascent.
    • Take out the cleaning brush that Is inbuilt inside your DaVinci Ascent Unit.
    • Brush the glass mouthpiece to remove the dust and unwanted harmful particles.
    • Brush the main chamber to make it free from harmful toxins.
    • To tap out the DaVinci, simply turn it on side using the back side of cleaning brush.

    Included with DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

    • 1 x DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer
    • 1 x Wall Charger
    • 2 x Glass Mouthpiece
    • 2 x Glass Oil Jar
    • 2 x Glass Stems
    • 3 x Replacement Screen
    • 1 x User manual
    • 1 x Carrying Pouch
    • 1 x Metal Pick
    • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Technical Specifications
    adjustable temperature Variable
    attachment compatibility Concentrate Attachments
    brand Da Vinci
    compatibility Dry Herb, Oil
    extra Straight Through Air Path
    heating chamber material Ceramic, Glass
    heating coil material Stainless Steel Wrapped Ceramic
    inhalation method Direct
    material Acrylic, Glass
    mouthpiece Glass
    power Battery
    temperature control Digital
    vaporization method Conduction/Convection