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Canavape CBD E-Liquid 20ml CBD / CBG
Canavape CBD E-Liquid 20ml CBD / CBG

Canavape CBD E-Liquid 20ml CBD / CBG
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  • Product Description

    Canavape E-Liquid 20ml 200mg CBD 20mg CBG

    Buying CBG UK has never been easier thanks to Everyonedoesit!

    You've most likely heard about CBD and Cannabinoids by now. With multiple versions of a number of products now on offer here on our site, as well as intensified mainstream media attention, the conversation around these commodities has been radically changing in recent years.

    Less widely publicised than some of its Cannabinoid cousins, CBG (Cannabigerol) is another extract from the hemp plant that has seen an upsurge in popularity lately. 

    As ever on Everyonedoesit, we're going to break down the products and try and fill in any gaps in your knowledge, informing you before you decide to purchase.If you've been asking: "What IS CBG?," then read on!


    Canavape CBD E-Liquid CBG UK

    Canavape CBD E-Liquid 20ml 200mg CBD 20mg CBG is the perfect entry point to the worlds of CBDCBG and other cannabinoids, and a gentle way to start exploring how their benefits can work for you. This liquid is compatible with all your favourite vaporizers so there's no need for new and expensive equipment, just vape as normal with your preferred home or portable unit!

    Canavape CBD/CBG E Liquid Flavours:

    • Canavape Blueberry: Has been one of the bestselling flavour for e liquids since canavape started trading. Sweet and smooth, this is popular with entrants to the vape scene.
    • Canavape Pink Lemonade: A delectable combination of summery fruits and refreshing citrus, this e liquid should probably come with a cocktail umbrella in it.
    • Canavape Grape Escape: The combination of different grapes and just a smidge of apple in this liquid with provides the complexity necessary for the more sophisticated vape enthusiast.
    • Canavape Bubblegum: One of the most popular flavours in all of vaping, we’ve endeavoured to make ours a little more layered than the standard E-cig versions. If you’ve been disappointed by bubblegums before- this is the one for you!
    • Canavape Cool Cola: The Newest Member of the canavape flavour family has quickly established its dominance in the bestsellers list. Made partly from natural flavourings this is destined to be a future classic.
    • Canavape Go Menthol: Love Menthol? Hate how other CBG E Liquid companies Menthol flavours have some really harsh notes? Then this is the flavour for you. Menthol, but rounded and smooth. 
    • Canavape Vanilla Custard: so called because of the intensely smooth, almost velvety custard like quality of the vapour it produces, this liquids blends an all time classic flavour with modern technology for a worldly vaping experience.


    CBG UK F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What does CBG stand for?

    CBG stands for cannabigerol, which is a pure isolated extract from the hemp plant, with all other compounds filtered out.

    Is CBG Legal in U.K?

    Yes, CBG is legal in the U.K. Another cannabinoid found in the hemp plant and in cannabis flowers, THC is the substance prohibited by law.

    We only stock products that contain exclusively CBD (sometimes with an additional dose of CBG), and always with 0% THC. CBG UK Law now permits this as none of the ingredients are psychoactive or intoxicating.

    Is CBG Marijuana?

    No. It is a different extract from the hemp plant, and is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Put simply, it won't get you high, it isn't marijuana (or weed, or grass) and the complete lack of THC means it is not intoxicating, and therefore- legal.

    Although research its still in its relatively early stages (but gathering more steam every day!) we know a lot about this compound, and our experts tell us we've only started to scratch the surface! 

    What's the difference between CBD and CBG? 

    CBG is another cannabinoid, and was first isolated from other compounds within the hemp plant in the 1970s. Research suggests that it may be the STEM cell that CBD and THC cells form from, making it an extremely intriguing substance.  

    Scientists disagree as to the effects of most cannabinoids and CBG is no different. 

    It is believed however, that cannabinoids work best when used in conjunction with other cannabinoids and terpenes in what is known as "The Entourage Effect", so you may decide to purchase a product that has doses of both CBD and CBG. 

    So what’s a Terpene?

    Terpenes are essential oils derived from cannabis flowers and plants. They are isolated flavour compounds, and often have smells/tastes that are familiar, hence why Cannabis flowers can smell of lemons, mangoes, berries and other naturally occurring flavours/scents.

    Cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and Terpenes enjoy something which researchers refer to as “The Entourage Effect.” For this mechanism provisional evidence suggests that cannabinoids are much more effective when deployed in groups that include multiple cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s this synergistic effect that led to the development of terpene infused E Liquids.

    Terpenes are non-psychoactive and are legal in the U.K.

    What is the best method for taking it? How To Take CBD/CBG Oil.

    CBG UK products now come in a wide range of forms, as people continue to explore its benefits, the range continues to grow. We're stocking E-Liquids and Oils/Tinctures, e-liquids can be vaped using your favourite vaporizer and oils/tinctures are recommended to be taken sublingually (it means to hold a few drops under your tongue for a minute!). 

    Current research is inconclusive as to whether vaping or dropping sublingual tinctures is the more effective method of ingestion. Bio-availability is key, i.e. how much of the substance the body can absorb and actually use. However, nowhere near enough research has been done as of yet to definitively determine whether vaping or dropping makes the product more bio-available.

    Vaping can provide much faster absorption into the system, whereas taking a sublingual tincture will produce effects that are perceptible for much longer

    Taking those factors into consideration, it will be up to you to decide which of these you wish to employ.

    What are the Benefits of CBG?

    The human body has an endo-cannabinoid system, which is linked to all other major systems in the body. When cannabinoids are introduced to this system and bind with the receptors, there can be numerous effect including mood regulationpain relief and appetite stimulation.

    It is hoped that it can be used therapeutically as an antidepressant, but more research is necessary. It has been reported that CBG can have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects.

    CBG is not a cure for disease, but when used as a food supplement can contribute towards a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy balance within the body's endocannabinoid system. 

    Utilising these products as food supplements as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle can regulate the endocannabinoid system. 

    We'll say it one more time: this is not a medicine, and is not intended to be used as such.

    As research progresses perhaps a CBG Oil Benefits list will be possible. You know we'll post that for you guys as soon as we can! 

    Does CBG Cure diseases?

    CBG does not cure anything outright. It has been reported to have a positive effect on the symptoms of several major illnesses, but we strongly advise consultation with your doctor before use. It is not intended to cure disease, and should not be purchased with that intent

    Seriously guys- go see a professional!  

    Are there any negative effects of taking CBG Oil? Is CBG Safe?

    There are some minor complications that may arise from application of CBD, but nothing toxic or lethal.

    It is recommended that if you are taking prescription medications that you consult your doctor before supplementing your diet with any of these products, as it can effect how the prescription meds are absorbed into your system.

    In very high doses it has been known to cause drowsiness, but in sensible amounts is actually reported to have a waking/alert effect on users.

    How should I dose my CBG?

    As with all non-prescribed medications, it is recommended to begin with smaller doses and gradually increase. As ever, experiment with caution.

    Without clear and concise, agreed scientific and medical advice, doses will vary depending on the patient, the potency of the product and the desired effect.

    The internet can be a maze of conflicting information with companies vying to promote their product, with no regard for their customers' wellbeing. This is why we strongly advocate discussions with your GP before embarking on a course of taking CBD products.

    So how much CBG do I need to buy? and how long will it last?

    Sublingual ingestion starting at 2.5mg CBD for an average of 25 days depending on factors such as body weight, BMI, and also depending on what symptoms the user is seeking to alleviate, is recommended. 

    This can safely be increased up to and including 25mg daily, until symptom relief is achieved.

    The ratios of CBD:CBG will always be safe with the products stocked on this site, so you don't need a separate calculation or schedule for CBG.

    Until actual medical advice becomes available, safe experimentation and gradual increasing of dose is recommended

    Sorry, but what Is A Milligram?

    A milligram is equal to one thousandth of a gram. It can also be expressed as 0.001 grams. These smaller units are required to deal with cannabinoids, where even these small amounts can produce the desired effects. 

    What is a CBD Additive?

    CBD Additives are liquids of highly concentrated CBD that are intended to be diluted in another e liquid before use. These are more often than not unflavoured so you can add CBD to your own favourite flavour/scent.

    How to Store CBD Oil

    CBD and CBG Oils, E-liquids and other products should be stored in an area with no extremes of heat, light or moisture.

    Treat these products as you would other oils you have in the kitchen, storing ideally in a cool, dry, dark cupboard or larder.

    To increase the shelf life a little, you may wish to keep your oil or e liquid in the fridge. Prior to use, if the oil has thickened a little in the fridge, simply warm slightly by running the container under warm water to achieve the necessary consistency.

    So what does all of this mean?

    • CBG is a compound that can stimulate receptors that are naturally "hard-wired" into your body in a way that no synthetic chemical can.
    • It can reportedly reduce inflammationrelieve pain and reduce stress
    • It's legal, and it won't get you high.
    • CBG Oil is non-toxic, with no known toxic dose having ever been reported, and no deaths have ever been attributed to its application


    CBD E Liquid containing CBG for use in all e cigarettes and vaping devices

    Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Shake well before each use. Read device instructions to fill tank or cartridge. Not to be used by or sold to anyone under the age of 18. For use in electronic cigarettes only.