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Cadillac Pink Mini Hammer Bubbler

Cadillac Pink Mini Hammer Bubbler

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  • Product Description

    Silika Glass - Cadillac Pink Mini Hammer Bubbler

    Here we have another charming mini bubbler from California's Silika Glass. This handy little bubbler stands at 17cm in length and comes designed in the renowned hammer style.

    This portable Silika Glass bubbler has a built-in diffused downstem and a bubble base making it easier to use in any environment. Completing the piece is the bright Cadillac pink coloured accents that are present in numerous parts of the bubbler including the mouthpiece, the carb and downstem.

    This borosilicate glass bubbler is then capped off with Silika Glass's name and logo printed horizontally across the glasswork.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Silika
    length 161mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Pinched
    percolator Inline