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Bug Box Ash and Storage Tin

Bug Box Ash and Storage Tin

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  • Product Description

    Bug Box Ash and Storage Tin

    The Bug Box Ash and Stash Tin is a metal smoker's box designed for use as a stash tin and to double up as an ashtray.

    The box has two storage compartments built in, complete with hinged lids.  The compartments can be used for tobacco, herbal smoking blends, paraphernalia such as roach or filter tips, or just as a receptacle for ash.  The protective foam inside the box features cut-outs designed to accommodate bats, glass spoon pipes or any similar sized object that you want to protect.

    A versatile smoker's utility box at a great value EDIT price.

  • Technical Specifications
    ashtrays Portable
    brand Bug Box
    height 31mm
    length 121mm
    material Metal
    width 91mm