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Box Of Extra Fine Master Regular Rolling Papers

Box Of Extra Fine Master Regular Rolling Papers

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  • Product Description

    A full box of Extra Fine (Extrafino) Master Regular rolling papers from Spanish rolling specialists, Smoking. These extra fine 1 ¼ papers provide a clean, natural taste and are watermarked for a consistent and even burn.


    • Extra Fine Master Papers

    • 50 Packs Per Box

    • Watermarked For Even Burn

    • Natural Vegetable Gum


    Extra Thin

    Smoking attempt to offer a superior rolling experience with these Master rolling papers. Using extra thin rice paper, even the most inexperienced roller will finish with the perfect end result.

    Natural Vegetable Gum

    The Spanish rolling paper manufacturer uses natural vegetable gum for a user-friendly sticking agent.

    Box Size

    Each box contains 50 packs of regular sized, lightweight papers, with 60 leaves per pack – that’s 3000 skins – enough to keep you supplied for months!

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Smoking
    length 71mm
    material Paper, Rice paper
    sizes 1 1/4 - 76-78 x 45-48mm 3.1 x 1.8 inches
    width 31mm