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Barrel to Circ Perc Oil Rig

Barrel to Circ Perc Oil Rig

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  • Product Description

    Honey Supply - Barrel to Circ Perc Oil Rig

    Continuing their efforts to create highly functional percolator glassware, Honey Supply have now released this tremendous barrel to circ perc oil rig.

    This very sturdy glass oil rig comes equipped with two powerful percolators. The bottom percolator is a inline barrel perc that helps break up the vapour into finer particles which then decreases in temperature. The vapour then moves up the chamber until it reaches the circ percolator that repeats the process of filtering the vapour significantly.

    Purposely built to be used with oil and wax concentrates, this glass piece with a male joint and a female vapour dome. Please note no nail is included in the piece.

    The highly skilled team at Honey Supply complete the oil rig with fantastically detailed honey bees that cover the whole clear glass piece. These honey bees are then complemented with the Honey Supply logo which appears on the wall chamber and mouthpiece.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Honey Supply
    includes Vapour Dome
    joint Male
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Bent
    percolator Barrel, Circ Perc