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The portable Kiln Vaporizer from Atmos is a portable and functional vaporizer pen for even the most discriminating vape pro. Vaporizing concentrates in mere seconds, this ceramic chambered wonder might change your life.

  • Portable

  • For Use with Concentrates

  • Ceramic Body with Metal Base

  • 300-400 Degree Fahrenheit Temperature Control

  • Two Holes for Airflow

  • Ceramic Donut Style Coil

  • Micro USB Charger

  • Packing Tool

  • 950mAh Lithium Ion Battery

  • Available in Different Colors (See Dropdown)

Ceramic Body with Metal Base

The ceramic base of this excellent vaporizer system stays clean and low maintenance. The well insulated body stays cool to the touch regardless of how warm you turn the heat up.

Ceramic Donut Style Coil

The ceramic disc coil inside the Atmos Kiln is hands down one of the most functional and easy to use vaping units on the block. Keeping your serving of concentrate minimal, this coil will stay unclogged and usable with minor upkeep.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Atmos
Material Ceramic
Power Batteries
E-Cig Batteries Non-510 threaded
Compatibility Oil, Shatter, Wax
Adjustable Temperature Variable
Colour Black, White
Mouthpiece Ceramic